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Find Your Turning Point

We Work On Your Journey & Your New Turning Point

Ever notice the fall leaves turning golden and red and nature renewing itself? The trees are full of color and vibrant and the air is crisp and cool. It’s a change of season to find beauty and newness. This is a different kind of season. It’s a turning point and a reminder we are finishing a time and beginning a new one. Turning Point Retirement Associates is a different kind of financial firm. Let us be your advocate and coach. Tell me your unique story.

We work on your journey and your new turning point by exploring your past turning points. Your story will tell us just that. Your story will tell us if there are toxic financial habits that won’t go away, and if your wishes truly align with your reality.

Our Primary Purpose

I suggest we need direction, not dreams. Goals? Do you know what you’re doing next summer? Probably not. Then how can you set a goal 20 years from now? You can’t and it’s pointless. And other financial firms want to help you “set your goals, make your dreams a reality,” and on and on and on.”

Is retirement a turning point? Is the birth of a new child, grandchild, or career a turning point? Are you struggling emotionally with too much routine, career pressure, travel, sick patients, projects, and finances?

Maybe too much media and not enough nutritious mental absorption are flooding your brain and wearing you down physically. Your doctor says to lose weight and watch your sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. All symptoms of a body responding to stress.

I am not a doctor, psychiatrist, or a health care professional. But I was 30 years ago. Now, I help you by listening to your unique story, reviewing your financial history, and help you and your family create a sustainable direction that brings joy to your life.

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