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You wouldn’t diagnose a patient without getting a full medical history and running labs. Why would you diagnose your financial situation and make life altering financial decisions without taking the same level of care?

If your doctor demanded you commit to allowing only them to treat you before they gave you the diagnosis, would you be comfortable?

Unfortunately, both of those situations are very common with doctors and in the financial planning industry.

Whether it’s your retirement portfolio or a stubborn infection, you need to approach the situation exactly as you were trained: diagnose before you treat. And, it would be unethical to only provide a diagnosis with strings attached to pay for the treatment afterwards.

I started my adult life in the medical industry as a mental health counselor and respiratory therapist. I’ve even had my respiratory research published.

Over 24 years ago, I found investing and financial planning intriguing and decided to change course. But the approach that I’ve always taken can be traced back to what I learned in the medical field: diagnose before you treat.

I’ve never given up my love for the medical field. I specialize in helping D.O.s and M.D.s because I know their compensation model, financial issues, and enjoy working with them. I even train new doctors in financial planning before they don their white coat!

Whether you’ve never engaged a financial planner or you’re looking for a second opinion from someone who is a transparent fiduciary, I would love to connect and have a conversation. 

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