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Tell Me Your Story and I Will Listen Intently.

You do have a story about your life. Will you share it if it will make a difference in how you see money? It is unique to you and maybe you’re never shared it with anyone before.

What are your fondest memories growing up? What things shaped you positively but were uncomfortable at the time? When did you earn your first dollar and how did you feel when you received it? Was there a parental influence on how you saved and spent money or did that come from within? Is money necessary or is it important? How much money is there to be had and does it really matter?

Rate of return on life is more important than the rate of return on our investments, bank accounts, and your retirement plan.

My name is Tom Thalman. My business is not necessarily financial. That just happens to be a consequence of the work we do together in portioning out your dollars and cents so you live freely, uniquely, and spiritually with the money you have.

Turning Point Retirement Associates is dedicated to hearing everything you are willing to tell us even if it saddens you or makes you happy. How will you get ready for the best things you’ve always wanted to have?

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it’s not just a financial plan; it’s about a life plan that’s purpose driven.

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