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Financial Life Visioning and Strategic Planning Program

We provide a unique five meeting program and guide individuals and families in exploring and clarifying:

Concerns causing you financial stress & anxiety

Your values, preferences, & priorities

Restore order, Establish a Safe Harbor, Reflect on Quality of Life Issues

Your vision of an ideal financial life

A money management system designed to support your lifestyle & accomplish your goals

As your picture clarifies, we will work on a thorough assessment of all aspects of your financial life. Our understanding of your perspective, core values, preferences, and vision for your future becomes the basis for our analysis and leads us to provide you with the following:

A detailed analysis of your current financial life

A report on potential gaps that exist in your financial state & suggested adjustments to cover them

A comprehensive offering of financial strategies intended to reduce your stress, work toward your aspirations, & prepare for upcoming life transitions

An analysis of four “what if” scenarios & recommendations for building resilience against life’s uncertainties

Following our final meeting, we will provide documentation of our exploration, analysis, and recommendations. Upon completion of this program, you may choose to implement the strategies that we recommend on your own, with another advisor, or with our guidance. If you choose to work with us, we have multiple ways to serve you.

The cost for this program is assessed as a one-time fee. The exact fee is determined based on the complexity of your financial life.

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